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Queen of Hearts Tickets & Donations


Sponsored by: Carroll Students Modeling Christ (CSMC) 
Saturday, February 11
JCCHS Commons 

Queen of Hearts Nominees

John Carroll's service organization Carroll Students Modeling Christ (CSMC) sponsors The Queen of Hearts Charity Dance each year as a way to encourage students to participate in their school community as they assist others in financial need.  It is the hope that students who help to raise money for charity in preparation for the dance will learn the importance of giving both time and money to others in need throughout the Greater Birmingham area, the state, and the world.

Your gifts will impact many faithful ministries who in turn bless the lives of others in our communities.

Click on the link below to make a donation to this year's Queen of Hearts! 

Click here


  1. Jacob Dichiara

  2. Garvey Hannon

  3. Alex Plaia

  4. Chapel Dent

  5. Avery Kononchek

  6. Gracie Taylor


  1. TJ Berry

  2. Alec Archer

  3. Vincent Truitt

  4. Rafferty Patun

  5. Kai Walker

  6. Loretzy Jimenez


  1. Daniel Bowers

  2. Mitchell Nutter

  3. Mark Pillitteri

  4. Sarah Campbell

  5. Abby Douglas

  6. Mary Catherine Cannova


  • Thornton Dent

  • Aden Savany

  • John Michael Wos

  • Catherine Agena

  • Annie Morgan

  • Addison Oliver