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Exam Schedule (Spring 2024)

Dear Students and Families,
As we approach the end of the year, I want to provide you with essential information regarding our upcoming exam schedule and expectations. This is a critical time for our students, and we are committed to supporting them in every way possible.


  • Mon May 13: 8th and 7th Period Exams
  • Tue May 14: 6th and 5th Period Exams
  • Wed May 15: 4th and 3rd Period Exams
  • Thu May 16: 2nd and 1st Period Exams
  • Fri May 17: Makeup Exam (Coordinated with Teachers)


  • Exam #1: 8:00am - 9:30am
  • Exam #2: 9:45am - 11:15am
Students are only required to be at school during their scheduled exams.
Dismissal time for students on exam days is 11:30 am.  Please arrange to pick your student up by 11:30 am unless they have a scheduled practice or are staying for a study session (see details below).  


  • All make-up exams are scheduled for Friday, May 17, and require pre-approval from the administration. Please coordinate with your teacher regarding make-up exams.


Three great options are available to students to help them prepare for their exams.  
      1. Teacher Review Sessions
      2. Study Buddy Sessions
          Mrs. Julie Meadows will host Study Buddy Sessions in the school library on the following days:
                  - Fri May 10th (3:15pm-4:15pm)
                  - Mon May 13th (11:30pm-1:00pm)
                  - Tue May 14th (11:30pm-1:00pm)
         All students are invited to share this study time with their classmates.  Please bring a snack if you decide to attend. This does not take the place of a
         teacher-help session.
      3. National Honor Society Tutoring 
          NHS members are offering tutoring sessions just before exams.  Please check your calendar, arrange transportation, and set alarm reminders so you
          remember to attend each session you sign up for.  Morning and afternoon sessions will be held in Mr. Stovall's classroom (RM109), and homeroom sessions
          will either be in the library or another room pre-arranged by you and your tutor.  To schedule an NHS Tutoring Session CLICK HERE!


  • Exam grades contribute 10% to the final grade.
  • Students are required to sign the John Carroll Honor Code before each exam.
  • Juniors may be exempt from one exam, and seniors as many as eligible (see exemption policy in the handbook and details from the counseling department).


On exam days, students are allowed to be out of uniform but must follow the guidelines in the Student Handbook.
  • Only John Carroll spirit wear shirts may be worn on out-of-uniform days.
  • Students may wear jeans, khakis, pants, dress shorts, joggers, or the school uniform. No athletic shorts, leggings, yoga pants, or camouflage may be worn.
  • No article of clothing may be torn, cut, slit, or ragged.  If jeans have manufactured holes, they should be below the knee.
  • Athletic shoes, boots, or sandals with back straps in good condition may be worn.
  • Socks may be of any color.


  • Regular morning shuttle bus service from OLV,  POP,  and SFX will continue on exam days.
  • The cafeteria will be open for breakfast each day of exams.
  • The cafeteria will not serve lunch on exam days. 
  • Teachers will be available after exam times for study sessions and review. See the study hours listed above.
  • All extracurricular activities will follow an abbreviated schedule.
We encourage students to utilize the additional study time and available resources.  Students, please review this with your teachers and have all the necessary study materials.
We wish all students the best of luck in their exams and are here to support you in this critical phase of your academic journey.
God Bless & Go Cavs,
Coach Steele