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ACT Prep Summer Camp

JCCHS is proud to offer an ACT Prep Summer Camp opportunity for rising 10th-12th grade students (July 8-12) at our Lakeshore Campus. 

Whether preparing for the July 13 ACT or a future test, this camp offers focused instruction, strategies, and practice in all four ACT content areas for rising 10th-12th grade students.    

The camp will have a playful and summer themed approach to each area and will offer levelized, targeted instruction as well.

The ACT Prep Summer Camp will be taught by math department chair Lee Ann Fuller, AP science teacher Dr. Susan Lagrone, ACT reading certified instructor Dr. Amanada Giles, ACT English certified instructor Dr. Katie King, and English teacher Julie Clifton. The course is being taught with the support of Vidal Access. 

* Students not enrolled at John Carroll are invited to attend as well.  

Click on the link below to register today!


JCCHS ACT Certified Teachers and Instructors teaching the camp include: 

Dr. Susan Lagrone, JCCHS AP Science Teacher
Mrs. Julie Clifton, JCCHS English Teacher
Dr. Katie King, JCCHS ACT Certified Instructor (English)
Mrs. Lee Ann Fuller, JCCHS Math Department Chair and High School Co-Chair AP Microeconomics Development Committee
Dr. Amanda Giles, JCCHS ACT Certified Instructor
PLUS.... Mr. Lance Beverly (VIDAL Access)