SportsLeader Captains Attend Formation Retreat


SportsLeader Captains Attend Formation Retreat
Alyssa Weisberg

In late May, a team of John Carroll Catholic High School SportsLeadership Student Captains traveled to Denver, Colorado on a service and formation retreat.  The group of adult chaperones and 15 Cavalier students spent four days in the Denver area being challenged and learning around four major themes: spiritual poverty, prayer, friendship/community, and service.

Spiritual Poverty Included:  The ability to receive everything as a gift from the Father; all the food was donated, and students had to make the most of what was given; they had simple accommodations and were pushed to receive everything as a gift from God and make due with what was given.

Prayer Provided:  Numerous prayer experiences were offered during the trip; during hikes and talks, students had opportunities to be in silence before the Lord and pray through sufferings.

Friendship/Community Built:  Through shared experiences of intense hiking in Colorado, dinners with various young adults/religious groups/ministry groups, and spiritual talks, students were given the opportunity to build fellowship centered in Christ. They had to encourage one another to persevere in the hikes, and they had a chance to grow with one another through the shared experiences.

Service Added:  Students served the poor on the trip in order to cultivate discipleship and service for Christ.  The boys served the poor with Missionaries of Charity, and the girls served the poor with Christ in the City (which included time spent with 2020 JCCHS alum, Clay Guerrera, who has been serving full-time with Christ in the City for the past two years).

The group would like to extend a special thank you to all the individuals who supported them on this retreat! #gocavs