Cheer Excels at UCA Camp


Cheer Excels at UCA Camp
Alyssa Weisberg

The JCCHS cheerleaders had an amazing weekend at UCA Cheer Camp on the campus of Mississippi State University! Recognized for leadership, spirit, and performance - this team checked all the boxes


Additionally, they brought home the coveted “Banana” 🍌 on the last day of camp!

🥇 First Place: Large Varsity Overall Spirit Routine

🏅 Spirit Stick and Superior Ribbons During Evaluations.

🥇 First Place: Large Varsity Overall Camp Routine

🥇 First Place: Large Varsity Cheer Division

🤩 Leadership Award (voted by asking hundreds of athletes: “if you could be on any other team that is here at camp, who would it be” and the majority voted John Carroll)!

🏆 6 athletes made All-American: Sophie Kate Turner, Mary Caroline Acevedo-Adams, Julie Cate Gray, Virginia Mann, Callie Hart and Kaylynn Nutter.

🏵️ Two Pin it Forward Recipients (Sophie Kate Turner and Julie Cate Gray)!

🍌 And THE Banana: to take it home highlights the team’s hard work, positive attitude, service to those around you, and spirit over the 4 day span!

The team is coached by Ricia Thomas.