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Summer Service Covid-19 Amendments

COVID-19 amendments

Student and family safety is very important during the current public safety concerns.  Many of the community organizations students work are also raising new concerns and protocols for the safety of the clients and volunteers.

  • Service is no longer required to all be at the same organization.  Students can serve in varying capacities at different organizations as need and safety apply.

  • The 75 hour requirement remains.  Students do not have to complete the hourly requirement in 15, 30, and 30 hour segments.  Hours can be completed in any order.  (It is highly recommended to maintain a 15,30,30 schedule).

  • Senior service hours are due no later than the first day of class in the Spring semester (January) 2021.  If students do not have their completed hours submitted by the first day of class Spring 2021 they will not be permitted to attend class until all hours are completed.  Absences for this problem will be unexcused.

  • Students can directly help immediate neighbors where they live.  Family duties and support do not count for service hours.

  • Transfer and new students will be responsible for a prorated hourly requirement.

  • Hours can be recorded digitally via a Google Form available on the John Carroll website.

  • Service requirements and amendments are subject to change as ongoing public health concerns change.

But now what counts?

Service opportunities are still available all around us.  There are organizations that provide online tutoring, blood donation, as well as feeding our brothers and sisters experiencing homelessness.  Below you will find a short list of possible ways to earn hours.  Service hours can be counted for support for Covid-19 frontline workers also.  Examples include: blood donation, and mailing correspondence to shut ins, nursing home patients, and Alabama prisoners. Additionally, some organizations provide a virtual service for tutoring, and spiritual and emotional support.  

Here are a few ideas/resources: