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Christian Catering would like to welcome incoming freshmen and remind upperclassmen of the services we provide:
  • Christian Catering is excited and proud to begin our tenth year as the food service provider at John Carroll Catholic High School.
  • We offer a daily "Meal Deal" for $4.95, which is a well-balanced meal that includes a fountain drink, bottled water, or iced tea.  This is what will appear on the calendar each month.
  • We also offer 5-6 a la cartes items each day, which include chicken fingers, pizza, burritos, cheeseburgers, flatbreads, cheese sticks, BBQ sandwiches, quesadillas, French dip sandwiches, etc.
  • In addition, we have an extensive "healthy choice" section of a salad bar, grilled chicken sandwich, various wraps, fruit, and vegetable cups, various grilled chicken salads, yogurt cups, yogurt parfaits, chicken salad plates, turkey and cheese on wheat flatbread sandwiches, etc.
  • We provide breakfast starting at 7:00 am each morning.  This includes breakfast burritos, various egg & meat biscuits, chicken biscuits, etc.
  • We also provide complimentary ice water during lunch.
  • We are open for approximately 30 minutes after the last bell for students who have after-school activities. 
There are two ways of putting money in your account:
Pay online by using the link (it will take up to 24 hours before the payment will post to your account).
Make checks payable to John Carroll Catholic High School
  • Place checks in the box right inside of the cafeteria before 9:00am.
  • If checks are in the box after 9:00am. The money will not show up on your account until the following day.
  • Include student ID and student name on checks.