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Dual Enrollment at The Mount

John Carroll and Mount St. Mary's
Dual Enrollment Program
  • The purpose of the partnership is to enable qualified seniors and/or juniors to take college-level courses taught by Mount St. Mary's University professors.  
  • For each satisfactorily-completed course, students will received university credit. 
  • High school credit can be granted as well. 
Scope and Delivery of Courses: 3 Options will be offered
1. Web Conferencing Synchronous via Zoom  (Students will attend courses remotely via Zoom during assigned class times).
2. Classroom Blended: Synchronous via Zoom and Asynchronous (A course where synchronous via Zoom and asynchronous teaching are blended to equal the required credit hours. The meeting day and time will indicate the synchronous portion of the class).
3. Online Asynchronous (A course where all content is delivered online without a specific course meeting day or time.  Instead, content is completed within assigned date ranges.
Selection and Eligibility to Participate: 
  • Student readiness for college-level work as determined by the university and high school
  • Completed online registration for the course(s) being offered
  • Adequate enrollment for the course as determined by Mount St. Mary's University 
Tuition & Fees: 
  • Tuition is set at $550 per each three-credit course for 2021/2022 
List & Schedule of Courses
If you are interested in taking one of the classes that is being offered, simply complete an application to enroll at Mount St. Mary's University and then contact Dr. Anthony Montalto (amontalto@jcchs.org) with the details of your class.  From there we will work to create a schedule that enables the student to fit in the Dual Enrollment Class.