Queen of Hearts

The Queen of Hearts Dance and the members of its court raise money that is distributed throughout the school year to help those who are in need in our local community and around the world. In the past this dance has been a lifeline for many organizations looking forward to your charitable giving and fundraising.  The members of the court who raise the most money will be crowned the King/Queen (12th grade) or Princes/Princesses (9th, 10th, or 11th grade) of the Queen of Hearts Dance.
In order for your nomination to count toward a specific nominee's goal, please find and click on their name under "Top Fundraisers" to be taken to their specific fundraising page. 
The 2020 Queen of Hearts Dance will be on Saturday, February 15th from 8:00pm-10:00pm, with lead-out for Queen of Hearts Court at 9:00pm in the auditorium. Tickets can only be purchased online by following the link below. Tickets MUST be purchased before the end of the school day on Friday, February 14th. Any students who wish to take a student from another school must obtain a form from Mrs. Hayes in the front office and have that form returned to administration by the end of the day Wednesday, February 12th.