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Thespian Society

John Carroll's Drama Club or International Thespian Society has maintained 20+ members here at John Carroll over the last six years. John Carroll Thespian's troupe number is 5069. This is not an organization you can just sign up to be involved in, you must earn your way into this very prestigious society. Before being officially inducted into the International Thespian Society, you must earn at least 10 thespian points. You can earn points by being involved in performing arts in high school. There are numerous ways you can get points, some of which are, but are not limited to: Having a major or minor role in a play or musical while in high school and not necessarily at John Carroll, participating as a techie on the back stage crew or doing lighting for any performance arts event while in high school, these can include choir/band concerts, but you will receive more points for participating in drama productions, going to theatre workshops and competitions, stage managing, running the light board, being a Thespian Officer, and much, much more!


There are several levels and awards you can earn, the more points you get, and best of all, you learn and gain valuable theatrical experience the more you are involved. But it isn't all about points and awards. The Thespian Society, along with the Spanish Club, organize a canned food drive in October. We also plan and participate in many fundraisers that go towards funding our productions, competition trips, and future trips to see professional theatre around the state and beyond! We usually participate in two competitions a year at Trumbauer (University of North Alabama) in the fall and Thespian Festival (Samford University) in the spring. The organization worldwide has 4,600 professional members and approximately 100,000 active Thespians in more than 3,900 affiliated high schools and middle schools. The two-millionth Thespian was inducted into the organization during the fall of 2009. If you want to learn more about the history of the thespian society check out their website!


If you want to be involved and eventually become a member of troupe 5069 at John Carroll, keep a look out on this website for meeting reminders, flyers, and announcements. If you want to go to Trumbauer or Thespian festival, come to the meetings. If you want to audition for the play or musical, but want more information, come to the Thespian Club meetings. If you want to help out with the canned food drive, help feed the hungry, and earn thespian points, come to the meetings. Meetings, dates, and info will be announced on this website's calendar and call board pages, the call board outside the drama room, morning and afternoon announcements, email, John Carroll Thespians on Facebook, and all around the school. Hope to see you all at the next thespian club meeting! Who knows, one day YOU could be president of our Thespian Club, troupe 5069 at John Carroll!