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Band History

The John Carroll Catholic High School Band has a long history of excellence in supporting the mission of the school. The band was started during the first year of the school in 1947. Since that time, band students have performed at concerts, contests, parades, and ceremonial functions representing the John Carroll community.
Here is a listing of John Carroll band directors since 1947
School Year Director Name
1947-1948 Bill Nappi
1948-1949 Bill Nappi
1949-1950 Bill Nappi
1950-1951 Bill Nappi
1951-1952 Bill Nappi
1952-1953 Bill Nappi
1953-1954 Bill Nappi
1954-1955 Bill Nappi
1955-1956 Bill Nappi
1957-1958 Tommy J. Cacioppo
1958-1959 Tommy J. Cacioppo
1959-1960 Tommy J. Cacioppo
1960-1961 Tommy J. Cacioppo
1961-1962 Tommy J. Cacioppo
1962-1963 Tommy J. Cacioppo
1963-1964 Tommy J. Cacioppo
1964-1965 Tommy J. Cacioppo
1965-1966 Tommy J. Cacioppo
1967-1968 Roy Griffin
1968-1969 Roy Griffin
1969-1970 Roy Griffin
1970-1971 Roy Griffin
1971-1972 Roy Griffin
1972-1973 Roy Griffin
1973-1974 Roy Griffin
1974-1975 Lee Fisher
1975-1976 Lee Fisher
1976-1977 Lee Fisher
1977-1978 Lee Fisher
1978-1979 Lee Fisher
1979-1980 Lee Fisher
1980-1981 Lee Fisher
1981-1982 Lee Fisher
1982-1983 Lee Fisher
1983-1984 Lee Fisher
1984-1985 Elise Burns
1985-1986 Doug Waites
1986-1987 Doug Waites
1987-1988 Leo Ledden
1988-1989 Leo Ledden
1989-1990 Leo Ledden
1990-1991 Dr. James Ferguson
1991-1992 Dr. James Ferguson
1992-1993 James Parker
1993-1994 James Parker
1994-1995 James Parker
1995-1996 Nash Wills
1996-1997 Nash Wills
1997-1998 Nash Wills
1998-1999 Alan Brooks
1999-2000 Alan Brooks
2000-2001 Alan Brooks
2001-2002 Alan Brooks
2002-2003 Alan Brooks
2003-2004 Alan Brooks
2004-2005 Rick White
2005-2006 Rick White
2006-2007 Rick White
2007-2008 Mrs. Cheryl O'Brien
2008-2009 Mrs. Cheryl O'Brien
2009-2010 Mr. Bill Springer
2010-2011 Russell Maddox
Shannon Monroe
2011-2012 Chris McMillan
2012-2013 Chris McMillan
2013-2014 Chris McMillan
2014-2015 Chris McMillan
2015-2016 Chris McMillan
2016-2017 Chris McMillan
2017-2018 Chris McMillan
2018-2019 Dr. Mark Foster
2019-2020 Dr. Mark Foster
2020-2021 Dr. Mark Foster
Here is a listing of Alabama Bandmasters Association State Competition results and programs for the John Carroll Band
Year Rating Director Program
1961 III Tommy J. Cacioppo Hall of Fame-Olividati
      Campus Festival-Savina
1969 II-(2213) Roy Griffin On the Quarter Deck-Kenneth Alford
      Chant and Jubilo-Francis McBeth
      Overture for Band-Beyer
1971 II-(2221) Roy Griffin Charter Oak-Eric Osterling
      Chorale and Capriccio-Giovaninni
      A Festival Prelude-Alfred Reed
1972 II-(2221) Roy Griffin Coat of Arms-Kenney
      Overture in Bb-Giovaninni
      Chester Overture-William Schumann
1973 II-(3232) Roy Griffin Vanished Army-Kenneth Alford
      Kunihild-Kistler/Robert Barr
      Czech Suite-Paul Whear
1974 III-(4343) Roy Griffin Brighton Beach-Latham
      Pearl Fishers Overture-Bizet
      Tamerlane-Frank Erickson
1977 III-(3333) Lee Fisher Chant and Jubilo-Francis McBeth
      Dedicatory Overture-Clifton Williams
      Tamerlane-Frank Erickson
1979 II-(2332) Lee Fisher Americans We-Henry Fillmore
      Aprokryphow-Mike Lecrone
      Prerogatives for Band-Leland Forsblad
1982 I-(2111) Lee Fisher Charter Oak-Eric Osterling
      Prelude and Fugue in D Minor-Bach/Moehlmann
      Procession of the Sardar-Ippolitov/Eymann
1984 II-(3222) Lee Fisher TBA
      Marriage of Figaro-Mozart/Earl Slocum
      Finlandia-Sibelius/Lucien Cailliet
2000 II-(2332) Alan Brooks Vor Die Front-Carl Teike
Crown Him With Many Crowns-James Swearingen
      Prelude and Primal Danse-Ed Huckeby