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College and Career Academies

      Academies offer students a personalized learning environment based on their interests. Both academic and experiential requirements promote applied learning and prepare students for college-level work. In addition, partnerships with the community build career awareness and work-based learning opportunities.
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The Engineering program will offer students challenging courses in Science and Math and provide opportunities for independent and mentor-driven research. Students will be able to participate and compete in Science Olympiad, JCCHS Robotics, and ACE Mentoring, and also form relationships with community architects, designers, and engineers.
Students in the Fine Arts Academy can choose a concentration in Theatre, Choir, Art, or Music. Students will enjoy exciting courses and participation in concerts, productions, and shows, and be exposed to the Arts on a local and national level.
The Honors Academy represents the highest academic course of study at John Carroll. Students will participate in the AP Capstone program, work collaboratively with peers and mentors, and pursue independent areas of research. Field trips and community guests will connect students with college professors and professionals working in different fields. 
Students interested in Catholic Social Justice will explore current events and socio-political topics through the lens of Catholic teaching. Service will play a major role in this academy, with students participating in regular service trips and projects and working with local charities and civil rights organizations.