JCCHS Students Participate in Heritage Panel!

The John Carroll Heritage Panel Club spent the last two days attending the Heritage Panel Program offered by ALAQUEST Collaborative for Education.  The program is a fun but intensive two-day training where a diverse group of 25-30 students and teachers are empowered to create change in their schools.

"Over the course of the training, teachers and students will discuss important but often ignored issues that affect their school experience, such as cliques, race, gender, cultural backgrounds, and exclusion. Deep discussion, fun games, and team-building exercises bring the group closer." 

Heritage Panel is an ideal way to empower middle school or high school students to be leaders in making their school a more welcoming, inclusive place. Additionally, educators get crucial support and new tools to teach conflict management.”


"Students are challenged to think about how their actions affect school culture, and what steps they can take to change their school for the better."  

We are very proud of the students who represented John Carroll over the past two days, and we know that their experience will only help to continue to grow at positive school culture at JCCHS.  Heritage Panel participants are leaders in the school community and are looked to as role models to their peers.  

For more information about the Heritage Panel visit www.acealabama.org.

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