College Boot Camp with Mr. Bev!

(exclusively for JCCHS Seniors)
August 11 (3:20pm-5pm - Library) 
College Overview Session + ACT Success
* Which admissions factors do colleges care most about? 
* Understanding Financial Aid & Scholarships 
* How to be successful for your upcoming ACT exam
August 18 (3:20pm-5pm - Library) 
Writing Your Personal Statement 
* Economics of the Personal Statement 
* The Good vs. the Bad
* How to begin your college Essay (or re-start it) 
* Theme-building for a rich essay 
August 25 (3:20pm-5pm - Library)
Supplemental Essays + Rec Letter Overview 
* Examining "Why Us?" essays
* Analyzing "Why do you want to do, what you want to do?" essays 
* How to support your hardworking teachers for more fruitful recommendation letters? 
September 1 (3:20pm-5pm - Library) 
The Beginning of College Swag Lab Season! 
* Need help with your essay? Resume? Activities List? ACT? College List? 
* No matter your need swing by the library to work alongside your peers on anything college-related. 
* Mr. Bev will be available to provide individualized support! 
There will be an encore series beginning Saturday, August 14th (10am-noon) via Zoom!
Questions?  Contact Mr. Bev at!
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