Cavalier Students Excel at Alabama Bandmasters Association Festival!

Solo and Ensemble Results


1. Blase Beaumont, Flute Solo: Superior Rating

2. Kayla Evans, Clarinet Solo: Superior Rating

3. Krystal Martinez, Snare Drum Solo: Superior Rating

4. Megan Stickley, Flute Solo: Superior Rating

5. Lauren Hill, Clarinet Solo: Superior Rating

6. Stanley Stoutamire, Trumpet Solo: Superior Rating

7. Patrick Hensel, Baritone Solo: Superior Rating

8. Hudson McKinney, Snare Drum Solo: Excellent Rating

9. Bobby O'Farrell (OLV), Alto Saxophone Solo: Superior Rating

10. Hannah Kate Harrelson(OLV), Clarinet Solo: Superior Rating

11. Larissa Garrett (OLV), Flute Solo: Superior Rating

12. Owen Muro (OLV), Trumpet Solo: Excellent Rating

13. Veronica Walker (SFX), Horn: Superior Rating

14. Kayden Stoves (SFX), Snare Drum: Superior Rating

15. Ashlyn Reynolds (SFX), Snare Drum: Excellent Rating


1. Anna Williams & Megan Stickley, Flute Duet: Superior Rating

2. Lauren HIll & Amaya Carroll, Clarinet/Trombone Duet: Superior Rating

3. Eva Pascual (JC) and Lia Pascual (SFX), Flute/Clarinet Duet: Superior Rating

4. Katherine Smith, Isabella Berry, and Kayla Evans, Woodwind Trio: Excellent Rating

5. Elizabeth Okunbor, Eva Pascual, and Emeli Maldonado, Clarinet Trio: Excellent Rating

6. Larissa Garrett & Hannah Kate Harrelson (OLV), Flute/Clarinet Duet: Superior Rating

7. Bobby O'Farrell, Owen Muro, and Eli Rashleigh (OLV), Trumpet/Saxophone Trio: Superior Rating

8. Harrison Balducci & Timothy Miller (SFX), Trombone Duet: Superior Rating

Congratulations and Go Cavs! 
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