2021 Queen of Hearts Court -

The John Carroll service organization, Carroll Students Modeling Christ (CSMS), sponsors The Queen of Hearts Charity Dance each year as a way to encourage students to participate in their school community by assisting others in financial need. The members of the Queen of Hearts Court raise money that is distributed throughout the school year to help those who are in need in our local community and around the world.  In the past, this fundraiser has been a lifeline for many organizations looking forward to the charitable giving that the fundraiser generates.  
The members of the court who raise the most money are crowned the King/Queen (12th grade) or Princes/Princesses (9th, 10th, or 11th grade) of HeartsThis year, in place of a dance, CSMC held the fundraiser and crowned the King and Queen at the JCCHS Spring Sports Pep Rally.  
This year's court raised an amazing $33,306.75!  The nominees for the Queen of Hearts Court were (* indicates that they were the top fundraiser in their class): 
Freshmen Class 
  • Carson McFadden
  • Charles Farr *
  • Madi Porche 
  • Meredith Davis *
  • Nelia Nene 
Sophomore Class 
  • Sam Rickman
  • John Cipriano *
  • Jacob McMahon 
  • Catherine Agena *
  • Belle Buckner
  • McKenna Huie
Junior Class
  • Ben Campbell 
  • Max McGwin *
  • James Gregory 
  • Emma Brown *
  • Lilly Langley 
  • Jasmin Patel 
Senior Class 
  • Mauree Raby 
  • Joseph Donze *
  • JonMykel Wormley 
  • Abi Allarde
  • Bella Doll *
  • Gabby Campos 
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