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824  FRESHMAN ART                                                      *  College Preparatory

Grade 9

Prerequisite:  None

One semester

This course offers an overview of the basic principles of art.  The class uses drawing, painting, sculpting and collage to explore both two and three dimensional design.  Students are exposed to some of the masters of art as art history is integrated into the curriculum.

830  ADVANCED ART                                                        *  College Preparatory

Grade 10, 11, or 12

Prerequisite:  None

One semester; May be repeated with instructor approval

Advanced Art is a semester study in art for sophomores, juniors and seniors.  Students spend time exploring many different styles of art found in history.  The projects represent work in the Fine Arts such as drawing, painting, ceramics, and sculpting.  In addition to projects concerning Fine Arts, the students work in Graphic Arts.  By using the principles of design they work on projects using the processes of printmaking.  They also take a broad look at the processes used in Commercial Art, such as logo-design and poster making.

832  SPECIALIZED ART                                                       *  College Preparatory

833  SPECIALIZED ART                                                        *  Honors

            Grade 10, 11, or 12

            Prerequisites for 832:  Advanced Art and recommendation of teacher

            Prerequisites for 833:  Advanced Art, by invitation only

            Year-long (one semester for 832 with teacher approval)

Specialized Art is an intense study of art for sophomores, juniors, and seniors who have exhibited a desire and ability to further their skills in the areas of Fine and Graphic Art.  Students must have completed successfully the projects required in Advanced Art or have submitted an acceptable portfolio of work. Each student is expected to complete a year-long series of projects which will firmly establish their own personal style, while at the same time find a solution to a class problem.  Projects are of a two- and three-dimensional nature.  Students will also be responsible for written assignments in art history and art theory.  The students also learn the correct way to prepare and present the final project.  Students are expected to represent the school by preparing and submitting work to regional and national competitions.  Seniors also work on preparing portfolios suitable for submission to colleges and universities for the purpose of admission and possible scholarship opportunities.