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Boys Basketball

2012-13 Coaching Staff

 Coach Larry Harbin
Boys Basketball

Courtside News

Official tryouts for the 2013-2014 John Carroll Boys Basketball Team will be October 14, 2013. The following players will continue to be evaluated throughout throughout the summer through weights, practice, and camp participation:

 There will be a parent meeting for all three teams on Monday, June 3rd at 6:00 in the gym.

Individual workouts may also be scheduled by Coach Harbin.

            Varsity                      JV                Freshmen

Chris Bertolini
Zach Ballinger
            Vincent Bayles

Zack Brooklere Matthew Byers
           William Chamoan

Mitchell Byrd Jalen Formby
               Jacob Ford

Henry Foster
Sam Guerrera
             Jeremy Jones

Thomas Gibson
Henry High
           Quinn Mimnaugh

Terrell Guy
Jackson Hughes
          Alexander Mitchell

Devin Hill Matthew Mazique
             Brooklyn Polk

Sam High
Justin Mitchell
             Josef Saway

Andrew Hunt
Miller Parker
            Austin Sledge

Jack Meineke Brennan Pugh
           Lucas Strachan

JoJo Meineke
Marcus Smith-Scott
            Tevin Wallace

TJ Smith
Julian Tucker
            Jacobi Watts

Nick Welden
       Christian Wilson-Poole